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Thread: Separating babies from moma and rehoming

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    Separating babies from moma and rehoming

    I rescued a pregnant Guinea pig who was living with her brother presumably. She gave birth few days later. A healthy litter of 4 pups. It is confirmed 3 males and 1 female.
    They are 15 days old now and living with their mother in 2*5 feet cage.
    I need to separate males next week as they reach 21 days mark.
    Problem- I can only keep 2 or at most 3 guinea pigs.
    I want to give away or try to rehome Mom and daughter. I am worried if either of them get pregnant in their new home, it won't be good for their health.
    Honestly, I was planning to keep mother and daughter pair (very skittish and shy) as it would be easy to handle. But then, I fell in love with three male pups who are so interactive and lively. I know I might need to separate one or more of them if they don't get along in their teenage months.
    Any advice would be great

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    Re: Separating babies from moma and rehoming

    The only advice I can give you is to carefully screen any new adopters. Of course you can't control what happens once your pigs go into a new home, but choosing only someone who shares your idea of not allowing pigs to breed is a good start.

    I would be cautious of advertising them on something like Craigslist. If you do choose to go that route make sure that you ask for an adoption fee. If after you meet the potential adopters and find them to be the right home you can waive the fee.

    I think it was very kind of you to rescue your mama pig. Living in a situation like she was definitely didn't bode well for her.

    I wish you good luck on finding the perfect home for mama and her daughter. Enjoy those three little boys. I'm sure they are adorable.

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