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Thread: Top teeth short to the gums

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    Top teeth short to the gums

    I have two guiena pigs and both of there top teeths are short to the gum! Does anyone know what this is? Can't find anything online about it. I will attacth two photos, one of each guinea pig. Will be taking them to an exotic vet on Friday.

    Just a background on them:

    They were adopted. Therefore don't know how old they are. They eat bluegrass hay as of recenetly one months ago, before they were on Orchard. They each get a tsp of pellets "Kaytee Timothy Complete Plus Fruits & Veggies Guinea Pig Food"per day, as of two months ago. Before they were just eating regular pellets alone. They get about 6 leaves of romaine lettuce every day, and i take turns on different days giving them carrots, cilantro, celery, zuccini in addition. I also give them different guinea pig treats that I purchase on their favorites are the "Vitakraft Nibble Rings Crunchy Small Animal Treats", which I give them about three a day or every two days. NEVER more then like 5 treats in combination a day. They sometimes bicker but nothing out of this world, they used to be worse when my roomate owned them. Now that I own them they get along much better. There water is always full. One is more introverted the and other is extroerted. I think the cause could be the dried fruits that come mixed in with their pellets. There teeth were find as of maybe three weeks ago, I mean I always see them yawn and I could swear I saw there top teeth, but who knows, im doubting everything right now, im really scared for them. There cage is large enough for both them, they each have a hut, plenty of hay throughout the entire day and night. One guinea does get a little fesity when the other approches when hes eating hay, despite there being enough space for them to each access the hay. This is a new behavoir pattern btw that started as a month ago, when i moved apartments.

    My partner was the one that noticed because he's taking care of them, as I went to visit some family for the week. He said he gave them their daily lettuce today (which they love) after he came home from work today, but they didn't eat it as fast as they usually do. So he took one guinea pig out to hand feed him and saw there was dried blood on his mouth, then my partner video called me. We were wondering if maybe he bit him self, so I asked if the guinea pig's teeth were too long or something? and thats when my partner noticed that his top teeth were gone. He then picked up the second guinea pig to compare the difference and he had the same issue. Maybe the guinea pigs got into a fight with eachother?

    Someone please help us!!! Traveling back home tomorrow and will get there in the evening to see them and further inspect them.

    They are still eatting hay and drinking water, but not their veggies as i guess its to big to chew and swallow.
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    Re: Top teeth short to the gums

    Guinea pig teeth can fall out, usually because of an injury (a fall, biting the cage bars, whatever). They usually grow back very quickly. You need to watch to make sure they ARE growing back, because if they're not, you'll have to learn to trim the bottom teeth to keep them from growing too long.

    The pig on the right looks like it has upper teeth that have either been broken off, or are just growing back in after falling out.

    I'd keep a close eye on them and see if the teeth come back. But do make sure that they're getting enough to eat. Weigh daily, preferably in the morning before breakfast, and if they are losing weight, then supplement them with some Critical Care until they can eat normally again.

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