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Thread: How will I know she's going into labor- day 64 today.

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    Re: How will I know she's going into labor- day 64 today.

    Quote Originally Posted by zoe11032 View Post
    Hi all! She had the babies! 3 born within an hour around 11am. However... she did not eat the placentas. Is this cause for concern? She is eating her food, hay and drinking water, but isn't paying much attention to the new kiddos. Any advice?
    I cannot stress this long as mom is eating and drinking and babies are moving...leave them alone. You can gently take out bloody small pads if you can do so without being intrusive, but if it's going to require a whole cage cleaning, then don't do it now.

    She suddenly has 3 new roommates she has to get used to. You really need to respect that and give her time and space.

    Feel lucky mom and babies are alive and well. Give them a nice large pile of hay on the cage floor. Allow mom rest and calm.

    I know you are excited, but you really do need to just leave them be for a while.

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