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Thread: Girls in season

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    Girls in season

    I have just been through this with my 2 girls, they are 2 years old and have been together since 10 weeks old. I noticed my dominant one Cookie started speaking quite loudly. This then escalated to teeth chattering and following my other girl Coco. Cookie would not stop, Cookie then lunged at Coco. I panicked, so put Coco in the loft and blocked the ramp. I've since been informed that this is the worst thing to do. I kept them separated over night, then before I put them back together i cleaned and changed the layout of their cage, clipped their nails. I had ordered more toys in case they were bored. I even ordered flooring in case I had to split them up. At the time I didn't know Cookie was in heat, I just thought she had decided she didn't get on with Coco anymore.

    A day after this episode was over I read this. I wish I had this information before. I spent 2 days stressing, sweating and shaking ����

    Dominance and seasonal behaviour in sows can look very similar. The initial hierarchy sort-out typically lasts about 2 weeks, but can be a lot short or longer.
    A season lasts about 15-17 hours and results in one or two days of madness with a strong season; once your piggies have settled, you should only notice the odd strong one. In a new relationship, seasons tend to be stronger and more pronounced. The excess of drama and pheromones tends to bond piggies closer together by going through this shared experience. The after is usually much more quiet and you can sometimes spot the piggies giving each other piggy kisses (licking the side of the face around the eye) or nuzzling each other to reaffirm their bond.

    Happy to say Cookie and Coco are back to being best friends.

    I also had a similar experience about 8 months ago. Its always Cookie who starts, I thought she was reasserting her dominance but now realise she was in season. Hope this helps others, and sav a lot of stress.

    This is the first pair of guinea pigs we've had. Ibdid a lot of research before I got them but was totally unprepared for this .
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