Hello everyone,
Recently my female guinea pig (probably around 2.5 years old) has had some health issues. She has a scheduled vet appointment tomorrow and Iíve taken a guinea pig to this vet before but heís a male Guinea pig and my femaleís health issues seem vaginal related. Nira, my female, has recently been showing bloody spots in her litter box (discovered 2-days ago). Sheís also lost some weight and normally she weights around 1.8 pounds but has dropped to 1.68 pounds. Her energy levels have gone down but she still showed normal behavior such as taking her veggies and backing up into her hut to eat them, she also approached me when I was refilling hay. She didnít eat much other then the veggies, she barely touched her hay and pellets. Sheís still drinking water and running around a little but I can see tell that sheís not feeling well. Has anyone had an experience related to this with their female guinea pig? Iím hoping the vet can diagnose. But my main question is regarding spaying. I hear female guinea pigs that have had cysts/ Uti have been offered spaying as a solution but have heard the morality rate is high and itís a risky surgery especially since her weight has dropped. Is there anything I should ask my vet about regarding medicines or diagnosis or testomg related? Also should I bring her cage mate (female) with her? Thanks!
Niraís living arrangements: 8 fit by 3 ft cage she shares with another female, refills litter with hay twice a day, use oxbow brand, veggies include bell peppers, red/ green leaf lettuce, carrots, butterhead lettuce- Iím building veggie intake so they are eating every other day in small portions. Fresh water daily (bottled water).