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Thread: Popcorn Free Cali <3 (RIP)

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    Popcorn Free Cali <3 (RIP)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Since I can't find a pic of her I'm uploading this pic.

    Our little Cali passed a couple months ago leaving Gwinie alone. We ended up moving a bit after her passing, gwinie and skitter are ok, I've had a couple scares regarding skitter. At one point his cage was knocked down off my dresser in the middle of the night by my cat (sigh,, I was actually worried about that, I kept yelling at him for sleeping on his cage at our old house) and we had to kick the cat outside for the night. Skitter is fine, it was just a scare. I held him tight and kissed him. I gave him veggies and hay and pellets and he's doing fine.

    Gwinie is more scared now without her sister. It is a new environment but she's getting better. i know she remembers me tbh,, and the cats are not inside anymore.

    Cali passed thanks to a respiratory disease. We were giving her medicine for it and I guess she either choked to dead (cus she couldnt breath) or (this is a new theory) my mom was attempting to give her medicine and accidentally hurt her neck. Causing her being unable to breath even more and,, yeah... She's buried in the backyard of our new house under a rock. Gwinie knew that she was going to pass. She was yelling when we took cali out of their cage. We let gwinie see her sister one last time before we took Cali and buried her. I think she understood. Hoping to get my Skitter neutered so we can put Gwinie and Skitter together.

    Popcorn free piggie princess.

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    Re: Popcorn Free Cali <3 (RIP)

    I am so very sorry for your loss.

    Losing our furry babies is always so very hard. Calli is at the Rainbow Bridge now, enjoying new friends and all the fresh veggies she can eat. All while she waits for her family to come and get her.

    Rest in peace, Princess Calliope.

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