Hello all, I am new here. I used to own piggies a long time ago, but went on to college and have kids. I finally felt ready and to the point that I wanted piggies in my life again, so yesterday I adopted a little sow. There was only 1 sow available, so I am now on the hunt for another young sow to introduce to her so she has a friend. I'm working on a C&C cage this weekend, I forgot how fun it used to be to design and build them! I'm planning on a 2' X 6' or a 3' X 6' cage. Do you feel that is adequate room for 2 piggies? I also plan on using fleece for bedding, how does everyone clean their fleece? Machine wash? Hand wash, and hang to dry? In the meantime she is in a 2' X 3' cage, not ideal but will at least get me to the weekend.

If anyone knows of any reputable rescues in the central Florida area I am looking to adopt another sow! I refuse to buy from a pet store, or a breeder. So, looking for a rescue piggie that hopefully is young enough to integrate with my girl. She was born January 2nd. Thanks guys!