I went away on vacation in December and left my pigs with a sitter for 2 weeks. She ran out of food and hay and used some of her own as a substitute.
It didnít affect my younger pig.

My older pig, Bilbo (who is 4), has been very difficult to feed since. He has lost interest in his food and hay since then.

She fed them all of 3 meals with the other stuff. It was cheap kaytee brand food. I get a much better pellet. They get oxbow Timothy hay.

I would be more concerned if he wasnít eating at all, but he is still eating... fresh food only. He still popcorns around and makes noise when the fridge opens. He still snatches lettuce out of my hand. He still stands on his hind legs to watch me cut fresh food.

Until now, Iíve only supplemented his diet with a cup of fresh a day. If itís all heís willing to eat, how much do I give him?