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Thread: New guinea pig owner - single piggie passed down from previous owner

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    Question New guinea pig owner - single piggie passed down from previous owner

    Hello everyone,

    Happy Sunday We are the newbie owners of a single guinea pig that is about a year old. The previous owner was a young man that worked long shifts and I believe is in school. He is my son's roommate. In conversation during the holidays my daughter mentioned she wanted a guinea pig or he mentioned he had one... I am not sure, I wasn't part of the conversation. I was part of the transport service to bring Cookie (her name) home. He explained some things and well, here she is now... since about December 26th or so.

    After watching a ton of videos and reading some websites, we wish we knew more before making the decision to get her as she needs a friend and we are not prepared to care for two. He had her for a year alone and I am guessing the pet store did not inform him of this.

    On to actually talking about Cookie. She is pretty sweet and fun, she likes to sit on our bellies while we watch TV. She loves walking around and exploring, she makes that cute noise when she is walking around. Generally, we sit in her area, let her come to us and if she does, we pet her and do lap time. Since yesterday, she has been super grumpy about this. She actually bit my daughter which seemed strange since she comes out of her nook when she hear my daughter and is happy for lap time.

    Do they get a bit moody around "the time of the month"?

    Kind regards,

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    Re: New guinea pig owner - single piggie passed down from previous owner

    Not usually. But they do explore the world with their mouths since they don't have opposable thumbs, and it's possible your daughter had something on her hands that smelled good to Cookie.

    Mites can also make a pig mighty grumpy, but you'd probably notice a lot of scratching if she had them. And she'd be more likely to react to being touched and picked up, since it can be painful with mites.

    Here's some recommended reading for new pig owners:

    P.S. It's not much more difficult to care for two than it is for one, and she'd be much happier.

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