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Thread: Failed bonding is forever?

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    Failed bonding is forever?


    I had to separate my babies due to the surgery of the dominant Altaria (1183 grams). When I tried to re introduce them in my kitchen (2 hours, perfect place, no problems here), Altaria was extremely aggressive, and Oktavia (the original submissive yet heavier 1233) would not really do much, but would not bow down and would attack her if she was attacked. I stopped the process and Oktavia ended up with 7 bloody bite marks and Altaria with 2 simple with a little blood marks. This means Altaria the originally dominant was very aggressive and trying to harm Oktavia the submissive.

    They live in a 4x4 cage separated by a fence, so each one has a 2x4. They eat and see each other every day since their plates are facing to each other, they sometimes smell and act intimidating in the fence.
    I have switched them over (put one baby in the opposite side) and exchange blankets, water bottles, plates, etc., and they would seem to like going to the other side, they would popcorn and start exploring a lot (individually).

    I was reading that if a bonding failed, then the guinea pigs may remember old grievances and will not bond.Is this true? Is there any hope for them to ever coexist in the same cage without high-level violence?

    Altaria was always aggressive and seemed to have bully Oktavia when I was traveling and left them at the shelter of guinea pigs (Oktavia lost weight and seemed affected). So they were never exactly friends.
    On their own they act normal, they are curious and healthy and can see the other guinea pig. I just thought it would be if they could be together, but I don't want Oktavia to suffer.

    Would a bath really help them? I heard it only works with boars.
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