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Thread: Where to buy Cubes in UK

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Yeah, those waterbottles are great, and made by a little independent guy. John Hopewell or something. He also makes giant chinchilla cages, gravity feeders, and has designed a system to provide to a number of bottles all at once! Shame I can't remember his site!

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    I rememeber, it's:
    John Hopewell Marketing - Small Animal Caging and Specializing Pet Products

    It is definatly worth a look if anyone is having trouble with water bottles or have chinchillas!

    Also I just had a look and they have a new type for guinea pigs which has a play guard to stop them waisting water (sounds interesting!)

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Right well here is my far no cubes from B&Q although they say they can still get them! I read them the message you sent me magicroundabout and they seemed suprised that you didnt get them so they said they will look into it and get back to me. That was Monday and I didnt hear anything so I rang again yesterday. I was given the Slemcka supplier phone number. I rang them today and spoke to a girl called Vicky. She said that B&Q had a promotion and certain stores were sent out large quantities of the cubes and once they were sold that was it. As they havent ordered any I wouldnt be getting my order from them. She said they are still being made but B&Q do not order them anymore (only when they do a promotion). I asked if I could buy any and she said they are only sold by the pallet load. I asked if she knew of anywhere else I could get them from and she said she will get back to me so if I hear anything I will let you all know. B&Q say they are still waiting for them to come in for me!!!...bless, I think I better go and get my money back!

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Thanks for giving me an update!!! There is something strange going on at B&Q, there is a confusion somewhere! If they are not getting them from the supplier and just from there own warehouse I should think it would take this long! Getting your money back may be the only option.

    Yeah I rang the supplier too but as you said no luck!

    Thanks again for the update!

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Magicroundabout those cubes you have is the fine mesh smooth? I was just wondering if I got those if they would be ok for a cage for my sugar gliders or if the mesh is too close together and they would get their toes caught. If they are ok would you think I could make a cage 6ft tall or would it be too flimsy? I guess it would be but just wondering.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    I was actually pleasantly surprised with the cubes they are quite strong and the mesh is not too close together, because I had the same concern about my piggies nails getting caught, but the holes are wide enough.
    I am really not sure about having it that tall, it might be ok, but I wouldnít like to say either way.
    If you are interested in getting some, you could buy them form me and help me out. I havenít opened them and I have two packs of 17.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    I'll let you know if I want them. I am going to try and adjust the gliders other cage this weekend. I made it so big I cant get it out the door to jetwash!! Im going to see if I can put hinges on it so I can fold it up to take out. If it doesnt work I'll get back to you on the cubes.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    I finally found cubes!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!

    In the end I decided to order them from Robert May (and come to terms with paying a little more) and I am going to sell the mesh ones that I have.

    I am obviously going to give Tillie first refusal as I have already mentioned it to her but she doesnít want them and if there is anyone else out there who is interested in them please let me know. I ordered two packs of 17 but each pack of 17 were split in two (if that makes sense) so if any one wants a small quantity please let me know because I can split them up.

    The ones from Robert May look great (really strong) and am really excited! As soon as I make the cage I will of course post picture in my own thread to show you all.

    Oh yeah almost forgot, I took a picture of the grids to show you all what the mesh ones look like up close, because to be honest I was sure what they would look like until I got them. So here it is:

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Ah thanks Magicroundabout but I sorted the glider cage out and its still on trial so best to sell if anyone else is interested as I need to try it out for a couple of weeks.
    Glad you got some other cubes and cant wait to see your cage.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    How much were those mesh grids?

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Tillie: Glad you got your cage sorted, hope it works out for you! Yeah i'll definatly post picks when I have made it! (might be a week or two)

    Stubblychin: I got them for £31 including P+P (per 17 grid pack)

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Nice price, cheaper than I've got them before. I'll have to remember Robert May then!

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Oh no sorry that was the price of the other mesh ones that I have (the ones like yours). The Robert May ones are not mesh they are like the normal 1 1/2" square holed ones. The Robert May ones were £22 ex VAT so that made them £25.85 and the P+P was £10.57, so simular in price (and I got them next day!).

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Sorry about the confusion I just read what I wrote again, and it didn't really make sense. Sorry!
    Last edited by magicroundabout; 05-10-07 at 07:26 am. Reason: spelling mistake

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    So glad to hear your cage is now past the planning stages, and can now become reality!

    Pics ar a definite must!
    The artist formerly known as jarbax

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Can people please let me know what they think the best cubes are to buy? I would appreciate peoples feed back as a beginner.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Hi - I managed to grab 2 packs of grids (the Slemka, 6 cube packs) from B&Q in Sheffield (the one in Darnall) this morning. They still had 5 packs left on the shelf when I left, and although they're marked at £19.98 on the shelf they did go through at £9.99 each.

    Hope this helps someone - if I hadn't found any cubes today I was thinking I'd have to order online.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Whereabouts in the Darnall store were they? I've searched the Queen's Road store and couldn't see any and the person I asked for help was useless.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    They were in the storage and shelves part, near the beginning of one of the rows (left side of the aisle as you're looking to the back of the store) on the middle shelf. I found them straight away - I've looked in Queens Road too (and Hillsborough) with no luck so only popped in on the off chance. Hope you get some - good luck. Now I've just got to figure out where to put this enormous cage!

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    the cubes you recently got from B&Q what are they called?
    Jesus its so hard getting holf of these things




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