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Thread: Where to buy Cubes in UK

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Right just ordered them and they say they have them in stock but will take upto 21 days!!!! aarrrgggg I cant get my piggies until I get them I really hope they dont take 7/8 weeks as I really dont think I have the patience to wait that long!! I have ordered 3 packs so that 72 squares (how bigs are they? and is the gap 1 1/2 inches?) At least with 72 I can make a stand with them for the cage to go on, and a lid and a run for outside....hehe just dreaming here

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Hi there Tillie!
    I thought id better write this reply to tell/warn you and everyone else that B&Q can no longer get the cubes in, even though they are still ordering them and taking our money!!!!
    As you all know I have been waiting over 8 weeks for my cubes and with a lot of phoning and talking to numerous people (all fobbing me off with delivery dates) I have now found out that apparently it is a computer system error!!! The computers are saying that they can still order them in but in fact they canít, they donít even make them anymore (according to my local store manager)!
    As many B&Q staff are still not aware of this error they are still ordering them and TAKING THE MONEY!!!
    Obviously they will give me my money back, but that really doesnít help me get back the time I have waited and I have no idea where else to get them without spending too much!
    Sorry if I have gone on a bit, it has just got me so angry!

    Anyway Tillie if I were you I would phone or go down to your B&Q and ask them whatís going on with your order so you donít waste anymore time! Let me know what they say (Iím curious!)

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Thanks for letting me know, I will go down there and see what they say and let you know.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Im from bedfordshire in the UK looking for some grid/cubes I dont know where to get them?

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    UGH. I feel so bad for you guys not having such easy access to grids and coroplast. I just went on Monday and bought 3 boxes for my sister-in-law to build a cage for her buns.

    I could just buy them and ship them to you guys but they are so expensive to ship because they are so heavy.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Ahh thanks thats very nice of you !!!!! but your probably right it would be quite expencive. Its a nice idea though, the thought had crossed my mind to get them shipped over. I have no idea how much it would cost.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    I have the same prob, well it sounds like I will but I will check with B&Q tomorrow about what magicroundabout said. I know they had 2 different cube types on the computer and 1 had a 2x by it which the sales man said meant it had been discontinued but he did say the 1's I ordered were ok. I will double check tomorrow. Ive been looking at the ones on the screwfix site 4 Cube Display - Screwfix Direct, Everything for the Trade, Next Day!# has anyone got those ones? I was wondering as the mesh is so fine (enlarge the pic and you will see its a very fine diamond shaped mesh) the pigies feet may get caught in it....maybe making the corex higher would solve that, any advice? If not the only other option I think is the ones on robertmay. Ive looked on ebay but they only had the solid plastic type which wont allow for proper air circulation.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Getting.cavys....havent you got a costco by you? Ive read they have them at a good price, if they do could you let me know.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    I could get to a costco; does anyone know if you can get them in the UK costco because I think the shops are a little different?

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Hey tillie, what did B&Q say?
    I went there to day to get my money back. I got the money ok but they did look like they didn't know what I was talking about. Im not B&Q's best friend right now.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Well I went in today but was told to ring in on Monday as H?O would be closed to check but they felt there shouldnt be a prob as as far as they are concerned they are still available. I will let you know the outcome. Anyway you got me a bit worried and plus the fact I am very impatient so I bought some wood etc and have been busy making a cage and bits today. Here are the links to my new cage which is 62''x25'' and a bed and sofa I made.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Wow they look great! I love that little cozy! Thanks so keeping me informed!

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    I had a look in costco and rang other stores and they don't sell cubes any more. so back to square one!

    Any luck with B&Q?

    I'll keep looking!

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    No sorry, I did go in today but it was so busy I couldnt be bother to wait. As soon as I know I'll let you know. Im not too worries as Ive made a cage now. Its a pain that everyone seems to have stopped selling them inc Argos. You could try screwfix, they still have them.

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Yeah I think im gonna have to go with the screw fix ones; I didn't want mesh ones if I could help it (just personal taste I guess) but it looks like im gonna get them, don't think I can wait any longer. !

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    How about the ones on Robertmay then?

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Yeah they look great but they are so expencive because of p+p and hidden extras. You end up spending around £40 for 17 grids. Don't worry I find something! x

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    Hi everyone, me again!

    I have another warning about buying cubes!
    I was looking back through the posts of where to find cubes and saw this:

    Quote Originally Posted by melvyn View Post
    the cheapers place is ebay and the price has gone down the person selling is not on at the moment but you can contact by email [email protected]
    So I emailed this lady and ordered my cubes. She told me that they were the normal cubes (ones with the 1Ē square holes) but when I received them they were the fine mesh ones, which I didnít want. I asked her about this and if I could send them back and she was quite rude to me and refused to do any thing about it!!! So now I am stuck with them!

    So I would strongly advise all of you to not to order from her! Also the cubes came straight from Screwfix direct (she just puts your name as the delivery address) and charges you more! So there is no point you might as well buy them from Screwfix (if you want the mesh ones) and save some money!

    Iím not having very much luck with these cubes am I!?!

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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    We have the mesh ones, and they are quite good, and it catches more of the poo and bedding that gets flung around! There are example pictures on my website.

    The place I used for grids was this:
    Eden Shop Equipment
    Go to "Product Range" then "[FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif]Window Props & Structures" they come to about £40-$45 if I remember correctly but you get prompt delivery.

    Argos used to do square grids but they have stopped now too. I'm half tempted to see if I can find a supplier and sell them myself!

    -Stubblychin, home of Fidget, Gizmo, Mo, Davina, & Twitch


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    Re: Where to buy Cubes in UK

    I had a little look at your cage, it looks great! you have the same water bottle as me too (they are good aren't they).

    I might try and get hold of some other cubes and use a mixture of both.

    Oh well we'll see.

    PS. I know I have thought about finding a supplier and selling them, its a good idea if you could do it!
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