Looks like out piggys are at it again, Caught Ginger at the key board typing away. Since they are the piggys who must be obeyed, I posted her discourse.

Ginger comes clean or Howíd that get there?

Well greeting humans. After I saw my sister break the ice and tell you how we almost went to that great lettuce pasture in the sky, I decided it was time to come clean. I had to say something after Checkers kinda made her discourse mostly about her. Well thatís fine she is after all the adrenalin junkie and I am the intellectual. So I am going to address something I am sure you have all wondered about. If you are reading this we have graciously allowed you to home us so I know you are interested. What is it you ask? I am sure you have noticed our prodigious ability to produce small gifts that we leave around for you find. But have you ever figured out how we get them where we do? What; you mean you never opened something and found a gift and wondered; Now howíd that get there? Oh come on donít act like you donít know what I am talking about, you know.

It is a little known fact that we piggys have mastered the art of teleportation! Ouch! Checkers whyíd you bite me? Donít worry Iím not going to tell the humans everything and donít you chatter at me in that tone! Checkers, sheessh, she thinks because Iím the brainy type that I donít know how to keep secrets. Really. Ok where was I? Yes, teleportation. So I know you humans are doubting that we know this stuff. But we do. Just think about it we are everywhere. In your home, in your stores, everywhere and we communicate. When you humans want another human to try something you donít want to do what do they say? Iím not going to be your Guinea Pig! Yes we are in your labs too. Uh that is something I would like to discuss at another time. We are in your labs where you do experiments. What you think we are just sitting there waiting for our next meal? Yeah actually we are but we do, do other things, like watch. That is how we know that there is a lab in Australia where they were able to teleport light. Also Caltech was able to teleport a photon, followed by others from the Denmark and China that seem to be trying to outdo each other for distance. Really distance try transporting something other than light. I mean what is light just some electromagnetic stuff. Piggys around the world got a huge laugh out of that one. Light! Now what is really fun is teleporting our gifts to you. Trust me, your reaction is priceless when you find a gift somewhere it should not be. That makes it all worth it. Why would we do this you may ask? Why not something more useful? Oh, it will be it will be. Itís just one small step as we quietly plan to take over the world. Ouch, Checkers, chill I did not tell them anything, they wonít believe it anyway so stop chattering at me.