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Thread: Cleaning Cyst Spot

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    Cleaning Cyst Spot


    My dominant baby Altaria had a scar. I noticed one day, I touched it and she seemed unbothered by it. I discovered it on Friday and had an appointment the next Monday. I dropped her off at the vet, and he called me to tell me it was nothing serious and she was fine, I couldn't understand well but he said it was a bla bla cyst, and to pick her up. Once I was there, she still had it and I said I had taken her there so they could remove it, the assistant took her back and within seconds the vet came to me (he removed it when the assistant took her, so it was merely seconds for him) and said it is pretty common, normal and that I should not be concerned unless it is too large, bla bla. At the end, the vet didn't even charge me (which surprised me considering they charge 70 per visit, but I have taken them before like 3 times since I got them in June).

    They told me to clean her wound and didn't prescribe any antibiotics or anything. So I have been cleaning her wound (which I think it's a little painful at least since it's a wound) every day at least 2 times for day with saline water and minimal povidone iodine (Betadine in the USA) that I clean quickly (so basically my baby goes back just with the wound cleaned and dried). Her behavior and weight are normal (I have an excel with daily weight metrics), and she keeps eating all the time and running. She seems to be hanging out more with her sister (I got them from the boarding at the guinea pig shelter 3 weeks ago and they were kind of pissed off at each other) and they seem happy. They also have become slightly more attached to me and let me touch them and pet them more.

    I wanted to know what is your experience with these kind of cysts and how long did it take for the skin to heal. Any additional tips on how to clean it?

    NOTE: In the pictures I had to cut the fur so I could see the area better.
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    Re: Cleaning Cyst Spot

    I have one girl who has had a cyst such as that. That actually looks good and clean.

    I used a curved oral syringe to flush it daily with sterile saline and diluted nolvasan (chlorhexidine solution from my vet) because it needs to heal from the inside out. It was also on her side like yours. They usually heal over within a couple weeks.

    I found that if they are scratching or biting it over much, you can successfully put a bandage on it in that area after treatment using the ribbed upper part of a tube sock you cut off. I wash them in bleach to make sure they are really clean. Just make sure it isn't too tight and you can get a couple fingers in easily. Change daily at minimum. But usually this isn't necessary because they ignore it for the most part if there isn't infection.

    Just watch for any thick white puss (consistency of toothpaste). If it becomes infected, or reoccur you can have it surgically removed by a cavy savvy vet.

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    Re: Cleaning Cyst Spot

    Use the curved oral syringe and flush it twice a day. You want it to heal from the inside out. If it scabs over and there's any bacteria in there, it will just stay infected.

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