I have 2 boys (2ish years old) that I rescued a few months ago. Han and Chewy. They've never really gotten along well, but no major fights so we expanded their cage and left them to figure themselves out.

Last night, Han went ballistic. Their usual rumblestrutting and grumbling escalated to chasing, teeth chattering, and finally nipping (Han nipped him not hard enough to draw blood, but Chewy leaped hard into the side of the cage). So I put a barricade between them because I didn't trust them overnight. Han went crazy most of the night trying to tunnel through, but Chewy calmed down and ate his hay and seemed finally relaxed.

Now I'm wondering if they just aren't meant to be bonded. Han is grouchy with EVERYONE (he nips you if you so much as have him sitting in your lap). Maybe he's just meant to be a solo pig?

I'm fostering two really chill, sweet boys and I'm considering if it's worth seeing if Chewy will bond with the foster boys, and having 3 boys together, with Han on his on. Is this a crazy thought? I know bonding boys is tough! Or do I see if I can re-bond Han and Chewy and hope they don't go crazy again?

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