Hello everyone!

I am located in Chattanooga, TN and I think that it is about time I start expanding my 3 sow piggy family! I think that a neutered boar would fit in nicely, or maybe a young female. If there is a sociable older female who you think a close herd would take in well, then I'm open to talking about that as well! My piggies are currently in a 2X4 C&C cage and I am planning to expand as well as add an upper deck here in the near future. They are on a diet of timothy hay, oxbow pellets, and romaine lettuce (and the occasional other veggies I can coax them into eating). I give floor time as much as I can (usually every other day when I clean the cage. I have a den with a carpet that's easy to clean messes off of), and they also get adequate amounts of cuddle time! They're in my bedroom so they almost always have company except when me and my sister are both at work. I don't have any other animals nor do I have little children, so it would be okay if the piggy is a little timid or might need some time to adjust! I have a big wire cage I could use to help integrate them in with (Caytee brand, and it would not at all be a permanent home).