I am Elizabeth and I have two identical American Shorthaired guinea pigs. I adopted them at 4 months old on September, 28 2017 at a Humane Society. They are always getting sick but I will do anything I can to keep them healthy. They love eating lettuce and carrots. They always chase eachother around the cage to pass time. They are very vocal and they make sure you know that they want food. It doesn't matter if I just gave them some. That never stops them. Their favorite thing to eat is probably paper. For a floor time idea I found was to make thin threads of newspaper and dump it all in a corner. They love chewing on it and would never get out if that was an option. They are sweet as can be. They are always active even at night. They wake me up ever so often even though I am on the top floor and they are on the main. Their cage is a little small but they are fine now. The cage has enough space for 2 pigloos and enough for them to run around and make a mess.
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ID:	86308 This is Rosie the bossy one and most talkative. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	86309 This one is Princess. She always has to have her food.
I love having them.