Hello my name is Merley.

I am the owner of one old and fat silkie/white crested looking boy named Dudley. I've had him for the past three years, and he was free from a family friend off of Facebook. This is my first guinea pig, and I've brought this piggie to the local fair's the last two years. He won best in breed both times, and the ladies at the fair just love him so so much. He comes outside every once in a while to partake in the fresh green grass. Dudley has a slight case of malocclusion, and we have to cut his teeth.

About me, I am a young woman living in a small town. I'm going to college right now, this is my third semester. I'm into vulture culture and crow culture. I like to go out and collect things, and love participating in the fine arts. I do almost all of them.

Thanks everyone! I hope I can be part of this community.