So my babies (females) have been chasing around, and the former dominant is now dominated. Altaria (water bottle) chases Oktavia (eating hay) around a lot more. Oktavia seems to scream, but I have not find any injuries (not that she allows me to touch her as much), but I haven't found chunks of hair in the cage (I clean it every day) like I did once in the past.

So I did two things:

1. I added 3 more hay racks, so now they have 4 of them.
2. Each forest (consisting of a square) has now divisions inside (fleece divisions that basically block the view). Like if a piggie goes into hiding on the square on the right, she can stay there while the other one stays on the square on the left. I did it with this intention and surprisingly, it kind of works. Now I have been finding them on the same side just resting, which was different or unthinkable a few days ago. Yet Oktavia is still being chased, and she runs really fast (the cage is 2 by 6 metal squares).

So in total they have 4 places for hiding and still can run freely in case they need to.

I wanted to share this.

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