Hi, this is my first post on this forum.

Almost 2 months ago I adopted a guinea pig named Ginger from a shelter (to get a friend for my other guinea pig). After a little while that I had her I noticed her sneezing. Her nose never seemed wet or crusty eyes but I took her to the vet anyhow to be sure (it is an exotic vet that handles cavies). A culture was done and she (along with my other guinea pig) were put on bactrim for 2 weeks. By the end she was still sneezing so the vet put them on baytril, however after being on baytril for only a day or 2 I noticed Ginger wimpering when she went to the bathroom and their poops decreased a lot and were super soft. The vet first decreased their dose to see if they would improve but they didn’t so they were taken off baytril for a week or so to recover. (they were given a probiotic after each dose of antibiotic)

For a bit over a week now they’ve been on chloramphenicol (prescribed a 2 week dose). I’ve heard odd sneezes here and there but tried not to worry about it. Today I’ve heard Ginger sneeze a few times and I feel so hopeless. Before being put on the chloramphenicol my vet told me a few sneezes a day is normal and it should be okay but that we could try chloramphenicol if I wanted to. So at this point I don’t know what to do if they still sneeze by the end of the 2 weeks. They’re on fleece bedding which is cleaned frequently and I shake the hay before feeding them, I also have an air purifier so I really don’t think they should be sneezing. I’m starting to lose confidence my vet will have any options after this if 3 antibiotics didn’t work. (perhaps baytril would’ve worked but it seemed too much of a risk. ☹️

I would really appreciate any advice, currently my plans are to continue the chloramphenicol (they finish it in 5 days) and if I still see sneezing to take them back to the vet (but perhaps ask to see a different vet that works there). The sneezes are not very frequent but each time I hear one I get a pit in my stomach.
Thank you to anyone that read this.