So a few months ago I brought home a pair of rats from our local shelter. They were born there and there was no time to hand tame them there. They were the last of their litter, seniors. People don't adopt rats in this town. So anyway, I brought home the pair, but after about a month the sister passed away. This was expected, they are over 2 years old.

Since I didn't want her to feel so lonely, we moved her cage to the busiest spot in the house. She is spunky and curious and energetic...but she wants to bite as soon as you get near the cage. It makes cleaning hard, and also her cage is on the smaller side so I would like to give her out of cage time but she is too aggressive.

Any advice on hand taming older rats, or how to handle her without either getting bit or hurting her would be greatly appreciated. I know she is better off here, but I would like to make her a happy rat if that's possible.