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Thread: Guinea Pig Hutch-- Good Idea?

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    Guinea Pig Hutch-- Good Idea?

    Hi! I'm a new guinea pig owner. I have two baby boars and I'm looking to expand. I currently have a Midwest Cage and I was looking at getting a hutch. I have a very interested cat and I don't think a C&C cage would work. I was looking at sites (Wayfair) mainly and they have a large number of hutches. I have included links to some I'm looking at, I would love for some guidance thru these and maybe some recommendations. I really want to have two levels and a lot of room!

    Cage 1

    Cage 2

    Cage 3

    I appreciate all the help and comments!

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    Re: Guinea Pig Hutch-- Good Idea?

    Guinea pigs need a flat space with room to run, and hutches generally don't offer that. None of those hutches are suitable for guinea pigs. And you don't want any area in the cage where one pig can trap another, and they can definitely block ramps.

    Closet shelving is an awesome lid for C&C cages.

    Also, adult cats generally don't bother adult guinea pigs -- the pigs are too big. Pups are another matter -- they look and act like mice, and the cats are very interested. But they'll usually outgrow the interest in less than a year.

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    Re: Guinea Pig Hutch-- Good Idea?

    Thank you so much!!! I'll look into the closet shelving.

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