I'll make a long story short- my wife's sister purchased 2 guinea pigs a while back for her daughter (who has a history of torturing animals).

Her sister told her she called Petsmart and said they would take them, but as she didn't have car she couldn't do it herself. Of course, the people working there looked at my wife like she was insane so now we have them at our house. We don't have the time/availability/space to care for them properly, nor can we afford to surrender them to a shelter.

We've had them for a couple of weeks now and they cannot stay here because we're not allowed to have pets and our landlord will be visiting this week for repairs.

Any help or guidance is much appreciated. I am reachable via message/email.

They have a decent size cage that I'm happy to give away with them. We have some food/hay for them as well. Willing to meet as long as travel is appropriate.