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Thread: In memory of my Zorra (ZeeZee).

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    In memory of my Zorra (ZeeZee).

    My wife adopted Zorra with Choco as a bonded pair a year (Nov-Dec 2014) before we started dating, and later we adopted Maple (in July 2016).

    It's been a little more than month since my Zorra passed away. For me, she was the first pet who passed and my first experience with personal loss. She was the kindest, most gentle soul. She loved eating veggies and for some reason loved sleeping in the hay. Her wheeks were loud when she would hear plastic bag ruffling. Since the other two barely wheek, its so quiet at home now. She had so much energy, she riled up the other two when wheeking for veggies first thing in the morning. She loved anything and everything green while she barely liked anything sweet (maybe a grape). I specifically remember when I gave her a cherry, she devoured the stem but left the cherry untouched. She never fought with either of her two sisters, loved them very much. Never ever had a problem with her not eating, even till her last day. She was with me when I got my Green Card, she was with us when I got my new job and also when me and my wife got married.

    I remember the morning of the day (I was heading to work) she was going into surgery. I said I loved her very much and I wanted her back healthier than ever soon, so I can pamper her with a lot of veggies, I was adamant about not saying 'goodbye', because I was sure she would come through.

    Bottom right pic (from L to R) : Zorra, Choco and Maple.

    How: She started losing fur belly so we took her to the vet. The vet said she had low risk heart murmur which could be caused by a cyst (it was). Then end of January, we sent her in for surgery, she survived the surgery but couldn't live through the night at the clinic. Looking back thinking did we make the right choice, I know we did. We went with the best option given to us by an experienced exotic vet. If we didn't, and the cyst would have burst, we would've definitely regretted not getting her the procedure. About 2 weeks after her passing, I called up the vet to know what her last moments where like. She said she had critical care fed to her, some lettuce and cucumber in front of her as well as a pigloo (on top of a heating pad) so she feels safe and warm. The antibiotics, the painkiller and recovering from anesthesia may have put her to sleep (she never got back up) without giving her any pain. My only regret is not being there when she passed but now I am at peace with it.

    Her bonded pair (Choco) got spayed (for a tumor affecting her lady parts) from the same vet few months back and she recovered wonderfully. That is why we were so positive that she would make it too. Her passing was shocking and upsetting. Side Note: Zorra's companionship was critical in helping Choco recover from her spaying surgery. Her mood and appetite right after the surgery drastically improved only after we put Zorra back in the cage together with her. I will never forget that.

    At the day of passing, she was a little over 5 years old based on info from the humane society. I take solace from the fact that we gave her the best life we could possibly could and she was unconditionally loved by her family.

    She was very beautiful, happy little girl full of life. I hope wherever she is she has lots of fresh greens to eat and fresh hay to sleep on. I will always miss her and I will always love her.
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    Re: In memory of my Zorra (ZeeZee).

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    Little Zorra had a great life with you and your wife, and her little furry sisters. I know you did everything you could for her, and it's always so sad when our best efforts don't work out the way we want.

    We never expect these little furry bundles of love to steal our hearts the way they do. I know I didn't, but I fell victim to a little cavy heart-thief just like you did. You always remember the first, just as Zorra was your first. She will always have a special place in your heart that's reserved just for her.

    Rest in peace, Zorra. I hope you've made your way across the Rainbow Bridge. There you will find some amazing new friends, and the best grass and veggies you've ever had. The sun is bright and warm, and there are no house eagles. Be at peace, little lady, and know how much you were loved.

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    Re: In memory of my Zorra (ZeeZee).

    Thank you. She was an adventurous soul. Hopefully she is frolicking and enjoying wherever she is.



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