I seem to remember a thread not long ago looking for a guinea pig vet in Hamilton Ontario Canada. To date, I hadnít found one I was extremely pleased with. They never seemed to really know their stuff.

Well, I found one and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is simply amazing!!

Dr Melissa Anderson
Golflinks Veternary Hospital

She was so gentle with Ginger. She took the time to really look him over, gave me an extra small nozzle for his antibiotics, and didnít suggest any unnecessary tests or procedures.
She asked about the brand of food we fed him as well as the amount. The brand of hay as well as the amount (I have never been asked that).

She was just so good! She made me feel really comfortable. The staff was lovely and and courteous too. The meds were really reasonably priced.

5 star review for sure.
and if there are any piggie owners from the area who need an amazing, competent vet... go to her!!
She is just incredible!❤️