On February 6th, my teddy boar Loki broke his two top front teeth. He had been chewing on the bars when I heard him scream, looked over, and saw that one of his teeth was in the middle of his lip. I later found the other one on the fleece of the cage.

We went straight to the vet and got an antibiotic and pain medication for him, but I didn't want to have to put him under anesthetic to have x-rays and see if the root of the teeth had been damaged - not to mention I didn't have the extra money for that.

Tomorrow will have been a week since the incident occurred and I don't see any little nubs poking through. I've read that it can take a couple weeks for the teeth to grow fully back, but the fact that I don't see anything is concerning me. So how long do I wait before accepting that his teeth aren't going to come back?

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