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    Rabbit pellets

    So I accidentally bought rabbit pellets. The pet stores are shut for tonight and I won't be able to get guinea pig pellets until after work tomorrow. Are rabbit pellets safe for them to have? I had it in their cage with them before I noticed and they don't seem to be reacting badly but I removed it anyway as a precaution. But they seem sad without pellets.

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    Re: Rabbit pellets

    It's oxbow pellets by the way. (Can't figure out how to edit my post.)

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    Re: Rabbit pellets

    The only significant difference between rabbit and guinea pig pellets is that rabbit pellets don't have any vitamin C because rabbits can manufacture it for themselves and GPs can't. So you can feed the rabbit pellets as long as you supplement vitamin C every day.

    The easiest way to do that is probably to give it by syringe or tablet. Just DON'T put it in the water bottle. Vitamin C in liquid degrades very quickly in the presence of light, so in a matter of an hour or two, all you've got is funny tasting water.

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    Re: Rabbit pellets

    All right thanks! I'll put the pellets back in for the night then.



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