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Thread: Alaska + Hard Time Grieving

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    Alaska + Hard Time Grieving

    I lost my dear Alaska unexpectedly February 2. I went to feed the girls and found Alaska weak, lethargic and she was cold to the touch. Her waste was stuck to her fur, so it was obvious she was not grooming herself. She smelled awful, and she clearly had not eaten. I wrapped her up in a blanket, kept a warm water bottle by her side and cleaned her up, when she started gasping. It was 3 in the morning, and it was clear that she was leaving me. I held her in my arms stroking her, telling her it was okay to let go, and she finally took her last breath at 2:52 in the morning. She was around 6 years old, so she was up there in age, but she just left so unexpectedly and so suddenly. Just the other night she was fine, she was eating and drinking and grooming herself, which meant sometime during the day she had just...crashed. And since she passed, for some reason her passing just hit me so dang hard.

    I've just been so sad lately. I can't bring myself to clean the cage, because it will just remind me that she's gone, but it really has to be cleaned as her cage mate Saige is still living there. I just feel so bad for Saige as Alaska had been her buddy nearly her entire life. I got Saige 2/6/15 and she was a lone piggy until I got Alaska 12/4/15, and they had lived with each other since then. For the first time in years, Saige is alone again. I'm not getting another guinea pig. After both she and Patrick pass away, they will be my last piggies. Let's just say that guinea pigs aren't the right pets for me personally. Thing is I have another guinea pig, the previously mentioned Patrick, but he is male and has to be neutered for them to live together. I've been saving up the money for months now, I am up to $156 of $350. Before Alaska passed it felt like I was finally getting there, that he'd finally live with the girls and have friends, but now that Alaska has gone, it feels like it'll take years for me to get him neutered. I want both Saige and Patrick to live together, I want them to have some company, but it feels like that will never happen.

    I can't even bury Alaska, which adds insult to injury. The ground has been frozen for days now, and I really would like to bury her, just to have some peace. But I can't even do that, and it really hurts. I'm so lost and upset, it's a negative experience for both the remaining piggies and I. Any help at all is appreciated.

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    Re: Alaska + Hard Time Grieving

    I would like to offer my sincere condolences on the loss of Alaska. Losing a beloved pet is never easy.

    So many of us here know just how you feel. Of course, it's a little different for everyone, because everyone IS different. It was said to me that " we never expect how much of our hearts these little creatures will capture" and truer words were never spoken. My first pig, Pooper, has been gone more than two years now and he never leaves my thoughts. His brother Sly left us in August last year, and losing them both has been a source of constant pain for me personally. I miss them both dearly.

    Alaska was very precious to you, that's very clear. You won't forget her. But right now, your focus MUST be Saige and Patrick. They depend on you for everything. Saige needs a clean cage, no matter how much it hurts. You're not erasing Alaska from the cage, you're just looking after your other little girl who needs you. Alaska would understand.

    I know you want to bury Alaska. When Pooper passed I did NOT want to bury him but cremation wasn't possible at the immediate time. When Sly passed the only option for me was burial because I wanted he and Poopy together again. But the young fellas I have now will be cremated in a special granite urn, and their ashes will be mixed so they can be together. Do whatever you have to do for Alaska. It may take some time to accomplish what you want, but do it for her.

    Find solace in Saige and Patrick. Look to them for happiness, and remember Alaska fondly. It hurts. I know how much it hurts, believe me. You have two piggies who need you, so do whatever you have to for their sake.

    Rest in peace, Alaska. Wait at the Rainbow Bridge with all the delicious greens and warm sun you can handle. There are no house eagles there, only new furry friends and peace. You family will come to get you and take you home again one day.

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    Re: Alaska + Hard Time Grieving

    My sympathy to you. Alaska was obviously special and she was so lucky to have such a caring owner.

    Although it it is hard to move forward, that will help you and your piggies through the grieving process. Make a start by cleaning the cage and rearranging hideys. Then consider getting a little something different, like a dish or cup for food, or if you use fleece maybe a new piece of fabric. This will lift your spirits and provide a diversion for Saige.

    When we lost our sweet old dog I couldn’t bear to look at all the blankets I had for her. Many I sewed myself so they were one-of-a-kind. At the same time I knew I couldn’t use them when we got a different dog, so I donated them to the humane society. Then I rearranged some of the furniture. It felt good to know that shelter dogs had something warm and comforting and the change in surroundings helped me move forward.

    There is no need to hurry with final arrangements for Alaska. Take your time and decide what you really want to do.

    In the meantime, your other piggies need you and they will help get you through the tough times. Just when you’re down in the dumps they will do something to make you smile.



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