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Thread: To Separate or Not To Separate

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    Unhappy To Separate or Not To Separate

    In May of 2018 I adopted two bonded intact boars. I was told they had come from a pet store and were together their whole lives. When I got them they were both a year and a half. One was bigger (then 1000g, now 1200) and one small (then 800, now just barely 900). The big one is named Denali, the small one Everest. Denny would constantly chatter at and chase Everest. It was a struggle to get Everest's weight up to a healthy point as it would constantly fluctuate. I took him to the vet and there wasn't anything wrong, it was probably from stress. From all the research I've done, it seems like the majority opinion is tho not separate boars unless there is blood. I was worried because they would constantly fight, but it would stop before anything got too serious until now. I just found a small bit of blood (nothing very serious, about the size of a pin prick) on Everest and am wondering what to do.

    Here's a bit more info:
    They have a 4x4 c&c cage
    I have two water bottles, bowls, hay piles, and plenty of open ended hides.
    Once I had to break up a nasty fight and I separated their cage in half overnight. Denali spent most of the night pulling on the bars and shaking the entire cage to get back to Everest.
    Everest is so brave and exploratory when on his own during floor time, but as soon as Denali joins him, he hides away.

    I have a separate cage in a separate room all ready and set up in case I need to completely separate the two immediately. I am worried about the two of them getting lonely if separated, but wary that Denny might never be good with another boar, as he is so dominant and he has problems with Everest, who is possibly one of the most relaxed boars. On the contrary, Everest wouldn't do very well with another boar as he is so easily dominated that he can't (or won't) stand up for himself.

    At the moment, I am looking at separating them and bonding them each with their own sow after they've been neutered.

    I would appreciate any and all thoughts on the matter. Thank you!

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    Re: To Separate or Not To Separate

    They may do better, each with a neutered sow.

    Or, you can leave the cages next to each other and line the fence between them with plexiglass if one of them chews the bars.

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