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Thread: Kinda kitchen/piggy potty

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    Kinda kitchen/piggy potty

    This is my current set up for hay/hay boxes/kitcheny area. They like it and almost always use it for bathroom breaks. Anyone else potty training their pigs?

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    Re: Kinda kitchen/piggy potty

    I hate to tell you, but you're not potty training them. You've trained yourself to put potties where they potty the most, and that's a good way to catch most of the output. But you can't train a guinea pig to use a potty. If you've got a cooperative pig, they'll mostly go in one or two places. If they're not cooperative, all bets are off, and they'll go anywhere, anytime they please.

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    Re: Kinda kitchen/piggy potty

    That’s the truth! They eat and potty at the same time in the same places so where there’s hay there’s a mess to clean up! Those bins look like the stackable ones from the Dollar Tree. I use those turned upside down for hideys. My Lacey likes to shove them around or hunch her shoulders and drag them like a hermit.
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