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Thread: Possible seizure? Confused

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    Possible seizure? Confused

    I have a 6 yr old male. Yesterday night, he was eating his hay, digging a hole in it and perfectly fine. All of a sudden I hear this frantic scrambling, I run over to his cage and see him on his side, mouth open, convulsion almost. It looked like he was being electrocuted just to give an image of what I mean. I grab him out of him cage and hold him to me because at this point, I think he is dying and there isn't anything to do except hold him.

    I sit down with him and he is almost stiff in my arms and body is not flexible. He starts to convulse again and I notice his eyes rolling (like when they sleep and the eye goes back and forth).

    After a few seconds, it stops and I check his heart- it is still beating and he is breathing.
    I put him down on the floor and he acts COMPLETELY normal as if nothing happened...he goes to his sisters cage door and sniffs around, walks around as if nothing.
    I monitor him for the next 2 hours. He poops and pees regularly. He lays down on his blanket with me (which is normal) and he seems fine. Throughout the night, he drank normally, ate and poop/peed.
    He is running around as normal, balance is fine, absolutely no sign of what happened previously.
    I am so confused and frustrated...I don't know what this could be and I'm scared for it to happen again because it looked very violent. I looked it up and it said seizures were rare...
    Also, I do not believe Oliver has mange mites which I know can cause seizures. He does not have any bald patches or crusted spots, and he doesn't really scratch that often, just the occasional here and there.
    Any one else experience this behavior?

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    Re: Possible seizure? Confused

    I had that happen to a pig once. My vet decided it was vestibular disease (problem with the inner ear), but I don't know whether that's accurate or not.

    Pigs can have strokes, and your pig is getting on up in years. That may or may not have been the problem.

    But I don't think there's anything you can do to prevent or treat another such occurrence.

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