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Thread: More of a dog than a pig

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    More of a dog than a pig

    Does anyone else’s pig act more like a dog than a pig? One of my pigs craves attention all the time. She squeaks allday long for attention and food. I will go over and rub her head and scratch her ears and that will help her calm down, other times she just wants to have a run around the room. Its so funny she just seems to crave the affection and attention like a dog. She is in a very large C&C cage and runs the playroom daily, she doesnt mind my kids running around but seems to like being in the room with them and will often watch their ipads with them its hilarious. Just curious if my pig is normal

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    Re: More of a dog than a pig

    It sounds like you've got an unusually social guinea pig. Enjoy her!

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    Re: More of a dog than a pig

    Tribble pig was a lot like that. He was always a lot more lively when my family came up to visit. He would trot into the living room and sniff fingers, beg for food, nibble shoelaces and such.



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