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Thread: Pig not eating/Drinking after bladder stone removal

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    Pig not eating/Drinking after bladder stone removal

    On Wednesday night, Oliver had a small bladder stone removed, through a catheter and she was able to flush his bladder a little as well, so no incision! They have him buprenorphine for the pain as well as sub-q fluids. That night, he was just very out of it and drowsy I'm assuming from the medications.

    Thursday, he was acting the same. Not eating/drinking, I had to force feed Critical Care. No poops obviously as well. He would eat a carrot and a piece of cucumber but would not touch his pellets or hay. I gave him metacam .3ml at 7pm and he started peeing finally, which was clear and no more blood!

    Friday morning we had a follow up appointment where vet gave more buprenorphine for pain, more subq fluids and told me to give him another dose of metacam once everyday. Today, he has done better and has been grazing (but only for a little) on his hay, he had half a blackberry, drank two sips of water beside what I syringed him, and he has seemed more alive. However, he still seems in pain and is struggling to eat on his own. I can tell he wants to but then he doesn't follow through with it. The vet would not give me anything stronger than metacam to take home.

    I have been giving him Critical care but I just don't know what to do.. how long does this normally last? He only got a catheter and a bladder flush, so I really don't know how it could cause this much pain. I'm getting really worried.

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    Re: Pig not eating/Drinking after bladder stone removal


    The medications could be affecting his appetite. Just keep giving him critical care and vegetables. I would avoid fruit for now. If you continue to not see poop then I would ask my vet for Trimebutine (or something else to help him poop). That has been a life-saver for my piggies numerous times. And hang in there! :)

    - Helena

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    Re: Pig not eating/Drinking after bladder stone removal

    Buprenorphine is not a suitable pain med after a surgery like that. It absolutely zonks a pig out, and slows down a digestive system to a near standstill. I definitely wouldn't give any more of that -- it may be the cause of all his current problems. The metacam should be enough pain med to keep him comfortable. But if it was prescribed for once a day, it won't last for the full 24 hours. I'd split the dose in half, add a bit more, and give it twice a day. I've always done that for my guinea pigs.

    He needs a motility medication to get his gut going again. And you need to syringe him plenty of fluids along with the Critical Care. That stuff gets thicker and thicker the longer it sits, and it can sort of clump up in the stomach/gut and have a hard time processing through.

    Feed him anything he'll eat, but don't overdo foods that are sweet or could cause gas.



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