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Thread: Milky fluid near eye - mucus?

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    Milky fluid near eye - mucus?

    Hi all,

    My girlfriend was cleaning the guinea pigs today and she noticed one of them had some fluid near the corner of his eye. Picture attached.

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    Looks like it might just be mucus, but we're a bit concerned that it could be something else that may lead to an infection. We wanted to be cautious because he's a senior pig (at least 5, maybe 5.5+ years) and we're paranoid about his health. For what it's worth, his weight has been holding steady between 38 and 39 oz., though that number is a far cry from his peak of 43 several years ago.


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    Re: Milky fluid near eye - mucus?

    Probably cleaning fluid.

    Senior pigs often have problems with crusty eyes because they're not as limber as they used to be and can't swipe their eyes with their paws like the could when they were younger.

    But he might have a blocked tear duct. You can clean the eye by wiping very gently with a clean damp cloth. Then use a clean part of the cloth to very very VERY gently massage the corner of his eye, stroking down toward his nose. Do this two or three times a day for a couple of days and see if it helps.



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