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Thread: I just lost my little chubby

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    I just lost my little chubby

    I just lost my little guy 2 days ago an i feel so devastated. We tried everything we could at the vet to save him but he ended up passing away. Im so mad at myself for not noticing his symptoms sooner maybe i could have done something better or sooner to save him. He passed away from kidney failure. We adopted him when he was a little older so he made it to about age 6 which is a good age but it wasnt long enough for us. This was the first time we ever lost a pet since ive had kids ( my girls are 8-14). I have finals coming up tomorrow ( im in a medical program for ORN) an its hard to even focus on what i have to because im so sad and angry at myself. People just keep saying he was just a guinea pig but he wasnt, he was so much more than that to us. I just needed to get this out, thank you so much <3

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    Re: I just lost my little chubby

    I'm very sorry you lost him.

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    Re: I just lost my little chubby


    None of us really ever expect "just a guinea pig" to steal our hearts the way they do. I know I didn't, and yet steal it they did. It doesn't matter how long they live, it's just never enough. Those that don't "get it" will never know just how amazing these little furballs are. The world needs more guinea pig lovers.

    I'm so sorry about losing Chubby. He knew he was loved, and you knew how much you loved him. That's all that matters. 6 is a pretty good age, please don't beat yourself up over something you can't change. Truth of it is, there may be absolutely nothing you could have done.

    Sleep well at the Rainbow Bridge, Chubby. You were a very much loved pig.

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    Re: I just lost my little chubby

    I'm very sorry you lost your piggie.

    Don't beat yourself up too much over not catching his illness sooner. Guinea pigs hide symptoms of illness very well, and even very experienced guinea pig owners can sometimes not catch onto symptoms until the disease has progressed. We are all continually learning from our experiences with our animals so that we can, hopefully, do better with the ones that come after. Sometimes the hardest part is learning to forgive ourselves. You did the best you could, and your loving him was far more important than anything else.

    Rest in peace, Chubby.

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    Re: I just lost my little chubby

    Very sorry to hear that

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