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Thread: Hello from Batman and Beastboy

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    Hello from Batman and Beastboy

    Hello, I am the new mommy to Beastboy and Batman! They came to us about 3 and half weeks ago and we are learning as we go. Batman is the calico and is more of an extrovert but wants things his way - does not like being handled but loves to eat. Beastboy is turning out to be are more sensitive one who is very skittish and may have sensitive skin. I do have a question and I am not sure if it is ok to ask here - I apologize if this is the wrong place for this. I noticed a week ago that beastboy had a scratch on his nose and thought it was from the two getting into a small tiff while we were at work. but when taking pictures lastnight i noticed what looks like patches of white scales on his nose and he has been itchy but not non stop itching. I thought maybe mites but his nose seems to be the only place with scratches and scales although he does itch everywhere else from time to time. any ideas? maybe fungal and not mites?Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Hello from Batman and Beastboy


    Looks like the beginning of either cheilitis or fungus. See and

    If that's a pet store cage, it will not be nearly large enough for two males (you have, I hope, turned them over and compared their private parts to make sure they're the same sex!).

    Here's some recommended reading for new pig owners:!

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    Re: Hello from Batman and Beastboy

    It isn't. It is a c and c we just put together this week for them. We started with a midwest and quickly realized they needed more space. They do seem to enjoy jumping the short walls instead of going through their doorways. ��

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    Re: Hello from Batman and Beastboy

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	85433 their cage is the width and just about length of a twin bed.

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    Re: Hello from Batman and Beastboy

    That's an odd arrangement for the cage. Are those plastic bins?

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    Re: Hello from Batman and Beastboy

    no, it was an old media center that we put coro in and created doorways for them to go thru. I had to cover the sides with fleece because both our boys are heavy chewers. I was going to get rid of the small walls but both boys appear to love jumping over them and only sometimes use the doors. we are still working on the arrangement of their furniture and kitchen area but have found that they like having two litter areas. The pictures were taken the first day and I have made some changes over the past week. I am not sure if this is true for all piggies but my boys do not like change (mainly beastboy) so some changes are going just a little bit slower so I do not overwhelm him/them too much at one time. Since we moved them from their midwest to this set up we have had much happier piggies that are not hiding as much and are playing more and just lounging outside of their huts and then just being more vocal. for us, a hybrid fleece/litter work much better than just litter bedding or just fleece and I am doing daily cleaning/maintenance and then changing the padding and fleece as frequently as needed. besides beastboys nose area, both boys are doing well and seem happy but do not like being picked up which makes weekly weighing a bit of a challenge and I hope they will come around as they adjust and we adjust.



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