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Thread: I still don't know why my guinea pig died, please help

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    I still don't know why my guinea pig died, please help

    Alright I'm here to ask a question. I am already really regretful about how my guinea pigs life turned out so spare me if you're just here to crucify me about what I did wrong. I probably already know what you're going to say.
    So back in the summer my 2 year old guinea pig, Teddy, died unexpectedly. From what I remember, she had a few problems but I ignored them. I won't try to skive myself out of it by saying "my parents didnt let me take her to the vet it's not my fault" there are a million things I could've done to help her and I didn't. She has scabs all over her body, like dandruff or something and her hair was always moist. I think that may just be because she was a texel? But I'm probably very wrong. She had some sort of ear issue too, the inside of her ears were packed with earwax. She occasionally got very wheezey and her breathing was labored like she was congested. I know I could've done something like given her more vitamin c, there's no excuse for me being abusive. Last but not least, this is probably what I feel the worse about, I never really held her. I held my other 3 pigs but not her. She was very skittish and peed on me a lot so I didn't like to hold her. I basically just ignored her entire existence. I feel awful about that.
    But back to the day she died. I noticed that something was wrong with her jaw, like she was clenching her teeth. It seemed like she couldn't even open her mouth , bc when I showed her a carrot she tried so hard to eat it but all she did was drool and continue clenching. I also noticed whenever I touched her rump she would freak out a little and it felt like a million tiny worms were burrowing under her skin. Then suddenly she fell over and started freaking out. I think she had a seizure. She had about 6-7 more of those episodes until she started squealing in pain and then died. I still don't know what happened. I thought it could be mites but wouldn't she haave missing patches of hair? If someone could help me please without telling at me for being a terrible person I would be really happy. I know I could've given her a better life, I know I could've done things differently, I've been thinking about this for such a long time I feel awful about it. I'd really appreciate if someone could help.

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    Re: I still don't know why my guinea pig died, please help

    Freaking out when touched, especially if she had a seizure and had scabs on her, indicates a bad mites infestation. They can cause seizures, and the seizures can cause death. Mites do not necessarily cause missing patches of hair.

    The drooling and failure to eat carrots indicate tooth problems, probably overgrown molars which trapped the tongue, but possibly an abscessed tooth or elongated tooth roots.



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