Right now I have tried using paper pellets and aspen shavings and I leave them in the kitchen for about three to four days and then empty it out completely but I feel like its wasting a lot of bedding!! I have gone through more bedding now than when I used to have them in smaller cages, changing the bedding once a week. Their kitchen is about 25 inches by 24 inches with 2 inch sides. Its only been about a month that theyve had their kitchen and Ive already gone through 4 big bags of their bedding. I used to only buy a bag a month!

If the bedding was actually completely soiled after the four days then I would not be posting this but I compost all my bedding and most of it is dry when I throw it in the compost! This is my first time with a C&C cage and kitchen and Im just wondering if this is how much bedding is normally wasted? Is there some magical color-changing bedding that changes color when peed on? With their old cage I would kind of sift through it and save the non soiled bedding but with the kitchen and how often I have to clean it, I cant be sifting through it all the time and wasting all my gloves. I just want to know how often to normally clean a kitchen. My cage only has two boys. Thank you in advance!