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Thread: Separately feeding adult and baby?

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    Separately feeding adult and baby?

    Hooooooo boy so about a week and a half ago, one of my girls died. My heart is still broken, but for the health of her cagemate I adopted a baby who's a little over a month old. Shes got a clean bill of health and seems to be doing well in her new environment. I'm hoping to house her and my other piggy together soon, BUT my older girl has a terrible habit of eating EVERYTHING. I have the baby on Oxbow Young Guinea Pig diet and alfalfa hay, and I REALLY dont want my older girl eating it. When the time comes for them to live together, how do I prevent my older piggy from eating the baby food? I know the baby is gonna be on it for a WHILE since shes so young and I dont want my other one getting too much calcium! I'm having a really hard time finding info on this.

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    Re: Separately feeding adult and baby?

    Feed the baby the same thing you feed the older pig, and just take it out of the cage once a day for a couple of sprigs of parsley. What the baby mostly needs is the extra calcium, and the parsley will take care of that.



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