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Thread: Kitchen gets gross??

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    Kitchen gets gross??


    We have a pair of boy guinea pigs in a 2x4 with a 1x2 kitchen. It's a c&c cage with a home made chloroplast kitchen. The problem is, the boys make such a mess that their kitchen floor gets super gross and stained.

    We use fleece in the main part of the cage, and shavings in the kitchen. They also have a huge amount of hay in their kitchen to play/sleep/eat in. I try to make sure to scoop out wet bedding and refresh 1-2 times a week, and we strip a d are clean the whole cage once a week. It never gets stinky and ammonia-y.

    When we cleaned the kitchen today, the bottom of the kitchen was stained and gross. Have others had trouble with this? I couldn't fully scrub it clean. Have others had trouble with urine staining the chloroplast? Is there a better option that the coro kitchen? I've been looking for a cat litter pan or storage box I could try ... but nothing the right size yet. (I use cement tubs and starlite containers in our ratties' critter nation cage instead of the shelves and theyre great....wondering if theres a similar trick for piggies?)

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Kitchen gets gross??

    What do you use to clean the coroplast? I've found that a solution of water and white vinegar works pretty well for cleaning off pee. Or maybe you could try switching the bedding in the kitchen to something more absorbent? Wood shavings are cheap, but I never felt like they absorbed urine very well. I used Carefresh for my kitchen area and felt like it really helped keep things cleaner.

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    Re: Kitchen gets gross??

    My cage gets stained with urine in high-traffic areas and I've never had a problem wiping it off with a vinegar/water mix. I don't have a kitchen but I do have a 1x3 fleece forest where they pee and poop 99% of the time. To keep the area clean I've made a variety of different 1x3 liners that I switch out daily, while I only clean the entire cage once a week. Maybe you can make some small 1x2 liners that you can switch out daily for the kitchen?

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    Re: Kitchen gets gross??

    I keep a vinegar/water spray for all cage cleaning purposes....

    Maybe the shavings just aren't absorbent enough. I'll try spot cleaning more often and see how it goes... it's just hard to do when they have a mountain of hay.

    I'm contemplating buying a kitchen off the cages site.... but need to make sure we have a routine or set up or whatever to know they won't destroy it.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Re: Kitchen gets gross??

    I do have the Cavy Cafe from the Cages Store. What I've done in order to prevent the coroplast from getting stained is to lay one fleece liner (a 1X2) the length of the kitchen. On top of the liner, I lay a small rug, the dimensions are 23" long and 15" deep. The rugs were purchased from Ikea and were very inexpensive. Since the price was so reasonable I purchased quite a few of them and can quickly change them out. The rug holds the hay and once a day I take it outside and shake out the used hay into a garbage can. I do change the fleece liner everyday. To some, this may seem like a lot of work but the Cafe is a little expensive and I want it to last. It's also important to me that I keep my cage very clean.

    I do spray the coroplast with a vinegar/water mixture when I clean the cage. With this method, my coroplast has never gotten stained. If you do purchase the Cavy Cafe I think you will be well pleased. My pigs keep almost all of the hay contained in it and only occasionally drag a little hay around the cage.

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    Re: Kitchen gets gross??

    I've used white coroplast for years, and have never had trouble with staining. I just wipe it down with a 50% vinegar-water solution.

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    Re: Kitchen gets gross??

    I'm actually looking at making a Coroplast kitchen as well. Did you follow a plan or some sort of online instructions? I'd appreciate any help you can offer. My boys currently live in a midwest cage (they are still pretty young) and I'd like to make the kitchen ~12in x 24in I think (similar in size to yours).



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