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    My Mochi

    My sweet Mochi passed on Monday. On Friday she had an emergency spay and bladder stone removal, both due to a tumor in her uterus. The surgery was successful, but she was too weak to recover. It's been hard for me, as she was my first guinea pig along with her sister, Bean. My heart feels empty. I think it just hit my Bean today. She left half of her veggies and keeps sulking around the cage, sniffing for her sister. I feel awful for thinking about getting a new cagemate for her because Mochi's place in my heart can't be filled. My whole family is really feeling this loss. Our house feels so much more quiet without her morning wheeks for cilantro, and her excited beeps when we're cooking and she hears vegetables being chopped. I dont know how long it will be before I can open up my heart for a new baby, but I know I have to do it for my Bean. I'm so sad.
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    Re: My Mochi

    I'm very sorry you lost her.

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    Re: My Mochi

    I'm very sorry for your loss, @nikkialex.

    I originally had a pair of boys, Pooper and Sly. Pooper was roughly a year or so older than Sly, and when he passed away in October of 2016, his loss hit me like a ton of bricks. To this day, I am not over it.

    That said, I knew that no matter what nothing could ever replace Poopy. He was a one in a billion kind of pig. But I also knew that Sly could not go it alone. He had never in his life been by himself, and it showed within a few days of Pooper being gone.

    That very next weekend, I brought home a pair of baby boys. Sly looked after them until they reached puberty like an amazing Papa pig would. Even though he was already a senior, it was just what he needed. Even after they had to be separated, Sly still had access to them and it helped him through.

    I know the pain in your heart is enormous. I felt it then, and I felt it again recently as so many of us here do. Bean will not grieve the same way you or I would. All she knows is that Mochi is gone and that she's terribly lonely. I'm not saying replace Mochi, I know that won't happen. Bean does, however, need a friend. I do hope that you can open your heart just enough to help her through this, too.

    Rest in peace, Mochi. Take your place at the Rainbow Bridge and meet all of the new Rainbow Pigs that have gathered there recently. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new friends.

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    Re: My Mochi

    I'm very sorry that Mochi passed on. She was a very beautiful pig and you clearly had a strong bond with her.

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    Re: My Mochi

    I am so sorry about Mochi. What a sweet pig. Give yourself some time to adjust and then consider giving another pig a wonderful home and a new friend.

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    Re: My Mochi

    I'm so sorry. It's so hard to lose them. I definitely understand why the thought of getting a new cagemate for Bean is a really hard one. Rest in peace, Mochi.



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