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Thread: Wanting to introduce a 3rd piggie

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    Smile Wanting to introduce a 3rd piggie

    I already have two male piggies. They came together when i got them but i feel like because its just the two the one piggie gets easily bothered by the pther asserting thwir dominance. There has been no fighta or cteeth chattering but i thought it may help if i got a new pal for them. Also they are both not neutered but i am looking into getring it done. Any advice on this would be very helpful

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    Re: Wanting to introduce a 3rd piggie

    If you already have two males, do NOT introduce a third. Boar trios almost never work out, and you would likely end up with three solo pigs who won't get along with anyone else.

    What you're describing sounds like normal behavior to me.

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    Re: Wanting to introduce a 3rd piggie

    Yes, unfortunately boar trios rarely work I was pretty disappointed when I first found that out! If you plan on neutering them with the purpose of adding a sow, that will not work either. There can be only 1 boar per female or herd. There are obviously exceptions but I would not risk it.

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    Re: Wanting to introduce a 3rd piggie

    Ditto the others. Don't do it. There'll be way more aggression with three pigs than with two.

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    Re: Wanting to introduce a 3rd piggie

    Thx everyone for the advice. Ive just decided to tey and give them some temporary more room until i find a bigger primary cage

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