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Thread: Guinea Dad Fleece Liner 2.0?

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    Guinea Dad Fleece Liner 2.0?

    Hi all,

    My girlfriend and I have been using bedding for a while now. It's not bad and cost isn't an issue, but we kind of don't like how it creates a mess in our house and since we got a third pig and expanded their cage we're essentially creating a bag of trash every 2-3 days. We initially gave fleece a try and though it saved us money, it proved to require more maintenance than we wanted so we ditched it. But looking across the Internet (oddly enough, I was searching for UHaul furniture pads), I found this:

    Seems like it has everything we need since you kind of just drop the fleece in, let the pigs do their business for a week, then take it out and clean it. There's no underbedding required and cleaning it is as simple as beating the fur/hay off it and tossing it in the wash. Has anyone given this a try and can comment on it?


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    Re: Guinea Dad Fleece Liner 2.0?

    I don't own any Guinea Dad stuff because I make my own liners, but I hear really nice things about them. Here's a thread that discussed GD liners a few days ago:

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    Re: Guinea Dad Fleece Liner 2.0?

    I know that many people just love the Guinea Dad liners and I purchased one just to give it a try. While it was very well made and fit perfectly in my 2X6 C&C cage I personally did not think it worked all that well. To start with my pigs were too afraid to go under the cover into the little pocket. I tried to prop it up so they could run into it but to no avail. They just sat on the top of it and did their business all over it. I found that it did not absorb the urine all that much. Within just a day or so I had to take it out and launder it. To be fair, if my pigs had gone under the cover and laid on the padded bottom it might have worked just fine. Although I was a little concerned with them laying under there and breathing in the smell of urine.

    I don't want to knock the company because they came up with a very ingenious idea and I think they have an excellent product. These might work perfectly for your pigs but I wasn't thrilled with them for my girls. What has worked really well for me is the Piggy Bedspreads. They really do absorb the urine and I can go almost a week without a total cage cleaning. I just have many fleece liners all around my cage and I change them out as needed. Which for me is usually every other day especially around the area where they eat and sleep.

    I certainly don't want to discourage you from purchasing from Guinea Dad, I just wanted to give my opinion of how they worked for me.
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    Re: Guinea Dad Fleece Liner 2.0?

    I also tried a guineadad liner and wasn't super impressed. I mean, it worked, but it wasn't superior in absorbency compared to my liners I sew myself with fleece and uhaul.

    I definitely do not think you could go a whole week before changing one of these out, unless you had multiple smaller fleece pads you used in high traffic areas. And with this liner you still have to do daily sweeping of poops and hay. You cannot let that build up for a week.

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    Re: Guinea Dad Fleece Liner 2.0?

    There's a thread over at GL about a pig that was sick for weeks and the vet was recommending euthanasia. The problem turned out to be the pig inhaling waste vapors from the Guinea Dad liners, where she sat in the pockets a lot of the time. They took the liners out and the pig recovered.

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    Re: Guinea Dad Fleece Liner 2.0?

    My comments about the GuineaDad liners are in the thread that Snugglybutt referenced above. I love those liners and change it weekly but do have smaller pee pads in high traffic areas. I believe that is common, regardless which brand of fleece liners one uses. What I especially like is the bamboo fiber absorbent layer but not sure if it is as absorbent as the uhaul.

    About the GuineaDad thread on GL, it was a little confusing because there were multiple threads. I believe the user feels the pocket was the cause but the vet did not. I was also on that thread and the user and I go to the same vet for our pigs. My piggies have consistently been under the pocket for 4 months, since I switched from paper bedding, with no health issues. Because of the other user's experience, I propped up the pocket for more air flow (just in case). Last night, when I did the weekly cage cleaning, I flipped the pocket over, so that is under the padding and is no longer accessible. If you are concerned about the pocket, you can always purchase the version with no pocket. Since there is no pocket right now, my piggies have taken to sleeping in their fleece tunnels now. Apparently they prefer to have something over them.



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