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    Hello! My name is Dolly and I am from the Wisconsin who owns three (3) guinea pigs, two (2) Abyssinian sows and one (1) skinny boar. My girls name are Esm? and Sweetpea who are 2 years old while my boy name is Randy and is going to be 2 years old in December 2018. I joined this forum to get insight on guinea pigs health as I'm unsure rather my boy Randy is really healthy as the previous owners tells me.

    Before my guinea pigs, I have never owned a pet besides the standard gold fishes or other types that my dad would buy and maintain himself. So I've never had any pet of my own until November of 2016 is when I obtained my beautiful girls and beginning of September 2018 I adopted my sweet boy.

    All of them I had adopted through friends who sadly bought them at pet stores and than down the road realize/decided they couldn't care for the guinea pigs anymore. The background of how I got them were:

    I had wanted to get a pet, preferably a small animal as my life style, living situation, finance, etc. match with them better than the popular pets (cats & dogs). Also, I had talked to other friends about guinea pigs and even was going to go to Illinois where that was the nearest adopting shelter from where I lived. One of my best friends who owned the girls, after only having them for a couple months realized she was pregnant and wasn't financially stable to care for them anymore so I willingly took them off her hand.

    While my boy was the same situation with a little difference, the previous owners was a friend of mine who family couldn't financially support Randy anymore and planned to take him to the humane society. Against their good judgement of not buying animals from the pet stores, Randy had scratches on him, and was in a cage all by himself that they felt complied to buy him. After nearly of two years of owning him and never bother questioning what his scratches are besides the fact, "he's hairless and scratch himself a lot" so that's why he occasionally bleed, I couldn't say no to the boy. Even if the previous owners say they love him, the fact they don't bother investigating more thoroughly of his health, I am more than willing to take up the responsibility.

    Unlike the previous owners who use regular pet store cages and bedding, I'm a strong believer of the C&C Cage and fleece bedding. My girls currently live in a 2X4 C&C Cage while Randy is still in his cage that I adopted him from. He wasn't neutered when I got him but as of September 19, 2018, he has been neutered and I am currently in the works to upgrading the cage to a 4X4 C&C Cage and have all the guinea pigs live together. For food I feed them Oxbow Timothy Hay, Oxbow Essential Pellets, and Oxbow Vitamin C Tablets daily. Along with the standard food to feed them, every morning I give them romaine lettuce, afternoon they snack on cilantro, and for evening a medium size piece of carrot close to the size of 1-2 baby carrots.
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