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Thread: Yet another cage size question

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    Yet another cage size question

    Hi all! I know this question comes up a lot and I apologize if I've missed an answer in my searches. Here's my situation: I have a 2x8 C & C cage. I just measured (because the grids are 14 inches) and I measured a little over 9 ft by 2 ft 4 inches. So a little more than 18 square feet of space. How big can I make my herd? I currently have 4 pigs in that cage. How many more could I comfortably add without making them too crowded?

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    Re: Yet another cage size question

    I wouldn't put more than one or two more in. But if you've got a happy herd, the smartest thing to do might be to quit here until you lose one, and then just replace it.

    Don't forget that medical care is just as much a responsible part of pig ownership as food and housing, and a herd of sick guinea pigs can run through many hundreds of dollars of vet bills in a hurry.

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    Re: Yet another cage size question

    Yes, we have already paid out a lot in vet bills because one of the piggies (Daisy) has a neurological condition. She had been deteriorating and losing weight but we've got her pretty stabilized now I think at around 700g. Thanks for the advice!

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    Re: Yet another cage size question

    I saw an octagon-shaped dining table at a thrift store the other day. The sides looked like they were about 14” and I started thinking about using a table like that to make a cage from grids. So I’m looking for opinions. Do you think a circular-shaped playpen would encourage more running? Lacey has some pudge and could use a little more exercise (same goes for her pig wrangler).

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    Re: Yet another cage size question

    I don't think circular vs. rectangular would make any difference in activity level.



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