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Thread: I miss you Twix

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    I miss you Twix

    My sweet little Twix passed away Aug. 31 at ~10:00 i didn't post sooner because a was (and still am) grieving. I don't know what caused her death but i miss her VERY much

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    Re: I miss you Twix

    They do take a piece of our heart with them, don't they? Fly free over the Rainbow Bridge, Twix!

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    Re: I miss you Twix

    Rest in peace Twix ~

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    Re: I miss you Twix

    Thank you spy9doc and Snugglybutt

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    Re: I miss you Twix

    @SunnyPigs, I am so sorry you lost little Twix. We never expect these little furballs to steal such a huge piece of our hearts, and yet they do. Losing them hurts terribly.

    Rest in peace, Twix. You're going to find a whole lot of new furry friends to play with at the Rainbow Bridge. Maybe you'll meet my Sly bear (he's the one who looks like a sweet potato) and he can show you where all the best green stuff is to eat!

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    Re: I miss you Twix

    Aw... thanks

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    Re: I miss you Twix

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Little Twix was obviously very special.

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    Re: I miss you Twix

    Yes she was. Thank you



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