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Thread: Cloudy eyes

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    Cloudy eyes

    Hi, my guinea pig just all of a sudden has a really cloudy eye the other day, kind of misty and his little red eye has disappeared until this white cloudish film. He seems to be squinting and doesn't like me to touch near the area. Just today it has turned a white with now hints of blue also underneath the eyelid (where eyeball touches skin) its all red and looks kind of inflamed. Please help.

    He is acting fine and eating but I can tell the eye is sore. I am going to see a vet but would just like some advice as to what it could be?

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    Re: Cloudy eyes

    He might have scratched the eye and an ulcer formed as a result. This sounds similar to something that happened to my sister's rat. With the eye being white, I think it's a safe bet that the eye is permanently blind. Do you have any images you can provide? Please get your pig to a guinea pig trained vet ASAP!

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    Re: Cloudy eyes

    Sounds to me like a hay poke. He DOES need to see a cavy experienced vet ASAP. You can try flushing the eye with saline solution that you can pick up at any drugstore. Eye injuries are very painful for a pig.

    Is it both eyes, or just one?

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    Re: Cloudy eyes

    Ditto the hay poke. But I'm not so sure he's permanently blind.

    Do get him to a vet ASAP -- eye injuries really hurt.

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    Re: Cloudy eyes

    Yes thank you. I took him to the vet and she confirmed it was an ulcer because he scratched it with his foot or poked himself with something (hay). She has given me some eye drops to give him 4 times a day. Sorry I didn't mean to say his eye was cCOMPLETELY white just cloudy white with blue, so she said he can still see.

    As for it being because of hay I don't know how to prevent that again; I just put there hay in a pile and they tend to move it everywhere within a day.

    Here was some photos (sorry they are upside down) the left one is his normal red eye, quite clear red and the right is the cloudy eye, kind of hard to see white but it is there. The yellow stuff around that eye was just a dye and chemical the vet put in his eye (don't worry). Just for anyone who is curious

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Cloudy eyes

    That's great, I'm glad that his eye will heal well. Sorry if I scared you by saying he might be blind, I thought the eye was completely white like my sister's rat, and she ended up going blind! I'm not sure how to prevent future hay pokes, but make sure your piggie's nails are trimmed and filed when they get too long : )

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    Re: Cloudy eyes

    Ditto on keeping nails trimmed. There's not really any good way to prevent hay pokes, unfortunately. It's just one of those things that happens from time to time. Good news is that eye injuries tend to heal pretty quickly once they've got meds.



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