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Thread: Hazel's Medical Thread

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    Hazel's Medical Thread

    Hi, so my guinea pig hazel has been acting strange last night. Her fur was all puffed up and she looked stressed. Today I came home and she was hiding in her hut and there was smeared poop everywhere. I?m leaving to go to nyc tonight for 5 days an a pet sitter is coming to take care of them, so I cannot take her to vet. Is this going to spread to the other guinea pig, luna? How should I clean up all of the dihrea
    (it?s not going in my washer) and what should I do to help her?

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    Re: Hazel's Medical Thread

    Diarrhea is a VERY bad symptom in a guinea pig. She needs to see an exotic vet ASAP.

    It may or may not spread to your other pig -- depends on what is causing it.

    The immediate thing to do is to stop all vegetables and fruit and get her to a vet. Maybe you can arrange for your pet sitter to get her there.

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    Re: Hazel's Medical Thread

    So what I did was take out all the fleece, separate the girls, replace the bedding and then filled up the hay racks and then let them be. She seems to be doing a lot better, her poops are solid and she is eating and has more energy!



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