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Thread: Weird dry spot on my guinea pig's skin

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    Weird dry spot on my guinea pig's skin

    Hi everyone!

    Last night while playing with my guinea pig I noticed a weird dry spot in her shoulder area (pictures are attached) I have two female guinneas, Eva and Mona, that don't really get along so they live in separate cages. I had to treat Mona recently because she had a bad bite injury on her nose. Every time I let them out of their cages so they could play together, even though I try to distract them with food, they still nibble at each other. Could that be a bite injury? Or maybe mites (I recently purchased new bedding)? Her behavior didn't change, she's still pretty active and has good appetite. Please help with advice. Thank you! Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Weird dry spot on my guinea pig's skin

    It's probably a bite injury. But since there's some hair loss around it, I'd get an over-the-counter antifungal product such as Lotrimin or Nystatin and apply it twice daily with a q-tip. Use a small amount, and rub it in well. If it doesn't improve in 5-6 days, post back and we'll switch to something else.

    And just FYI, mites don't come from bedding. They're everywhere on living things -- you, me, and your guinea pigs included.

    You're not doing them any favors by putting them together to play. Guinea pigs are driven to establish dominance when they meet another pig, and every time they're put together and separated repeatedly, they have to start all over again. Introductions should be a once-and-done thing, and here's the protocol to follow: Do the introductions at a time when you've got hours to give to it, and put them back into a LARGE cleaned cage that has nothing in it that smells like either pig.

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    Re: Weird dry spot on my guinea pig's skin

    Thank you! I’ve been applying lotrimin for the last 2 days and it slightly looks better. Hopefully it will heal soon!

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    Re: Weird dry spot on my guinea pig's skin

    If you're seeing improvement on the Lotrimin, keep dosing with it until after the hair is obviously growing back. Fungus infections can be hard to get rid of.



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