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Thread: Recently Adopted Piggies! (+ Question!)

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    Sep 11, 2018
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    My name is Candace, I am a 20 year old nursing student in Canada!
    I recently adopted 2 male American Guinea Pigs! Their names are Coco & Cosmo They are brothers and only 2 months old!
    I currently don't have any photos as they are still getting used to me, and shoving a camera in their faces is not a top priority of mine!

    I have been researching piggies for a while and decided to take the plunge and rescue two cuties myself!

    Now, I am a new piggie owner, and while there is LOTS of info on the internet, I am finding some lacking in information for YOUNG (<6 months) pigs. I currently am feeding my pigs unlimited Alfalfa hay and unlimited Oxford Alfalfa pellets. Plus roughly 1 cup (each) chopped veg per day (mostly romaine lettuce, plus carrots, bell pepper, tomato, zucchini and occasionally beetroot).
    What I am wondering is, am I feeding them too much calcium? Their pee does leave a bit of white power, but I've read information that says white powder is bad and information that says white powder is fine because they are young. Any thoughts? Any diet recommendations?

    They seem happy and healthy and are settling in well (lots and lots of pop-corning!)
    I'll post pics when I can (trust me, you want to see them, they are cuties!)

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